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Artificial Intelligence

Frizz — your AI Chatbot for

Chatbot Frizz discusses artificial intelligence with you

Two hands hold a smartphone that shows the AI Chatbot Frizz. The motif is overlaid with lines of code.

Frizz is one of the roughly 400,000 Bosch associates. However, it is not a human being. It’s an AI Chatbot and a product of digital transformation. The smart refrigerator epitomizes the recent quantum leap in technological development: artificial intelligence, or AI for short. On the story pages on the topic of AI — or the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) — the clever chatbot strikes up a conversation with you, introducing you to this complex topic in an easily-to-grasp and humorous way.

Graphic showing the character symbol for Frizz greeting the user with a “Hi”.

On the Bosch website, I’m addressing the topic of AI with a fun and interactive approach to present this fascinating technology to everyone interested.

Chatbot Frizz

Artificial intelligence is a technology that is used in many ways and continues to be researched and developed. What do you talk about in your chats?

My focus is on the topics Bosch addresses with the help of artificial intelligence. As of 2025, all Bosch solutions and products will either incorporate artificial intelligence or be developed or produced using this technology. My main focus therefore rests on technology for a networked life. This applies to smart ovens that cook dishes to perfection as equally as it does to the research and visualization of intelligent algorithms. But what’s more important is ‘how’ I do that. I’m addressing the topic of AI with a fun and interactive approach to present all facets of this fascinating technology to every visitor to the Bosch website who shows an interest.

A person in a white protective suit stands in a yellow-lit clean room and points with both hands to a virtually superimposed wafer.

How does a conversation with you work?

The easiest way to learn is with a good story. Big and complex topics such as artificial intelligence are no exception. On the contrary: The more complex the topic, the more approachable and entertaining the introduction should be. That’s why I focus on short stories, and I throw in some riddles every now and again to break the routine. I offer a selection of topics, and the users themselves can decide what interests them. In the conversation that then unfolds, I offer click answers, but you can also write to me in a traditional manner via text input. In this way, users participate in a conversation that can go in different directions, depending on the responses selected.

What Frizz talks about

Networked mobility

Sensors and algorithms are the horsepower of the future. Bosch technologies form the basis for achieving the major goal of mobility: autonomous driving. Frizz explains the different areas of application and the current state of the art of smart technology in vehicles.

Networked work

Factory robots that think for themselves and learn from their mistakes. Sensors that help fire departments fight forest fires and technology that makes life safer for astronauts on the ISS. In these and other real-world applications, Frizz demonstrates how artificial intelligence is making the professional sphere safer and more productive.

Networked home

People can also benefit from the enormous potential of artificial intelligence for greater comfort and security in their own homes. Frizz introduces an innovative combination of nature and AI that filters pollutants from indoor air. And it explains how smart ovens cook food to perfection.

Networked world

The areas of application for artificial intelligence are practically unlimited, as are the stories one can tell about them. Be it the history of AI, the ethical rules behind programming code at Bosch, or a conversation about himself, Frizz provides broad insights into the subject.

Bosch AI expert Liu Ren stands in front of a display showing analysis data.

Can you answer any question about AI?

My stories about AI and its applications address people new to the subject. For this reason, I avoid using difficult terminology. The meaning of many abbreviations is much easier to understand when they are spelled out and put into the context of a story. However, there is a glossary that explains difficult terms or key concepts. So users can ask me specifically about terminology. Still, I am not a search engine on the subject of AI. My focus is on the interactive telling of stories about artificial intelligence.

“I am not a search engine. My focus is on the interactive telling of stories about artificial intelligence.”
AI Chatbot Frizz

How is the input of users chatting with you processed and stored?

Generally, all data that I store is anonymized. If you chat with me, you won’t be assigned a profile and I won’t process your IP address. As soon as a chat with me is launched, two cookies are set. One is used to run the chat application, while the other ensures the proper processing of communication in the chat. Both cookies are technically necessary for the conversation. They are stored in the user’s browser and automatically deleted when the website is closed. It is therefore not possible to draw conclusions about individual users. We extract some usage analytics data from the chats and store it on our Bosch servers. This includes information such as the number and duration of sessions, or whether there was more interaction in the chat with clicks on buttons or by text input, as well as the texts entered. If there are any entries with imposed personal data among them, they will be deleted by a Bosch associate as soon as they are spotted.

How do you work? Are you an AI?

Some chatbots operate in a rule-based manner that focuses on questions and answers. The same principle is applied, for example, in service chatbots for customer questions or form completion assistants. My algorithm is not based on rules. Instead, it relies on an AI technology called machine learning. My core function is what is called natural language processing, NLP for short, also referred to as natural language understanding, NLU. This enables me to understand natural language and answer questions directed at me — as long as I have general information related to it. My database mainly includes topics of Bosch AI applications. I can talk about that, but I am not yet trained for any other areas of life

A woman in business attire stands in a digital showroom in front of a virtually superimposed sports car.

Which languages do you speak and how do you think you will evolve in the future?

I speak English and German and I would find it great to be able to talk to users not only about artificial intelligence, but about all the fascinating technologies Bosch has to offer, and in several languages.This would at least be the first step towards my big dream of offering a personalized experience to users on the Bosch website.

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