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Smart heating to go

The master carpenter Juliane Buss relies on energy-efficient, smart heating systems

Master carpenter Juliane Buss in the forest. We see the Buderus App MyDevice on her smartphone as a hologram.

For the master carpenter Juliane Buss, building a house is more than just erecting walls. She wants it to be a cozy home as well — warm, modern, and energy efficient. That’s why she uses the Buderus App "MyDevice” to digitally connect her houses’ heating systems.

Something in the air

Come on in! Juliane Buss has just arrived at her new show house in Grünberg, Germany. The show house is ready to accept visitors. It goes by the name of Hessenhaus, and is a new sub-brand of Holzbau Buss, a company that builds prefabricated wood-frame houses. For Juliane Buss, the daughter of the owner of this family-run company, houses like hers are unrivaled: “There’s nothing like living in a wood-frame house. The smell of the wood alone creates a wonderful atmosphere,” she says. She is also a home energy advisor, and believes houses should be sustainable and energy efficient. For Buss, it’s the whole package that counts: “Everything has to be just right.” This also includes the heating system. When looking around for such a system for her new wood-frame house, she opted for an air-source heat pump made by Buderus, a Bosch Thermotechnology brand. To improve energy efficiency, the heat pump absorbs warmth from the ambient air and releases it to heat the house and generate hot water. What is even more remarkable about the heating system is that it is smart.

Master carpenter Juliane Buss is entering her wood-frame house. The Buderus air-source heat pump is in front of it.
When it comes to heating, Juliane Buss puts her faith in the Buderus air-source heat pump
“I want families to feel comfortable in our houses. Smart heating solutions play a part in this. After all, we don’t want people coming home to a freezing house.”
Juliane Buss, Holzbau Buss

With future occupants in mind

Master carpenter Juliane Buss shows visitors around her wood-frame house.
Let’s go somewhere warm! With MyDevice, users can remotely heat up their homes

It’s bitterly cold outside, but in the show house it’s a pleasant 23 degrees Celsius. When it comes to heating, Juliane Buss opts for the Buderus “MyDevice” app — its connectivity makes the heating system installed in Grünberg smart. “I travel around a lot, but can adjust the heating wherever I am if someone wants to drop by on short notice. That way, the heating is only on when it has to be,” she says.

However, the decision to install the app was not so much about visits to the show house as about the future occupants of these houses. They will be able to use the app to see what their central heating is doing, and to set features such as heating schedules and hot-water temperature. This will help save heating costs. “I was looking for a solution that makes living in a wood-frame house even more sustainable,” Buss says. Most of all, by giving them connectivity, I’m helping make everyday life for the houses’ future occupants as convenient as possible.” During the planning phase, Buss advises anyone who is building one of her houses to opt for Buderus’s remarkably smart, energy-efficient solutions. As a home energy advisor, this is important to her.

The screen of the Buderus App MyDevice
MyDevice: the app gives users fingertip control over their heating system.

Buderus App MyDevice: completely connected

Hologram home screen Buderus App MyDevice
Everything at a glance: the home screen offers useful tips for saving money and energy
Hologram Buderus App MyDevice
A wealth of possibilities: The heating schedule program means the heating can be set to best suit the time of day, as well as what day it is — and save energy as a result
Hologram Buderus App MyDevice
Everything under control: MyDevice provides an overview of past heating cycles and outside temperatures. Cycles can be tuned to perfectly match users’ preferences
Hologram Buderus App MyDevice
As flexible as it gets: users can set different temperatures for each heating circuit and configure individual heating schedules
“My wood-frame houses epitomize sustainability. Combining energy efficiency with flexibility, the Buderus MyDevice app is the perfect solution for me and my houses.”
Juliane Buss, Holzbau Buss

Do you do internet?

The Buderus MyDevice app is the result of collaboration between Bosch engineers working in software and heating systems. They integrated a number of useful functions, such as changing operating mode. So if homeowners are on their way home from a winter vacation, they can remotely deactivate the economy mode, and look forward to a warm house when they get home.

In everyday situations as well, MyDevice makes life more convenient. Users can set whatever temperature is right for them – day and night. And if the central heating is also fed by solar energy, the app will display a diagram showing how much energy homeowners have saved.


The Buderus MyDevice app is more than a smart remote control or a thermostat: this household heating system can be controlled using any type of mobile device. Customers always know what their heating system is doing, can access it wherever they are, and adapt its operation perfectly to their everyday routine.

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