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With technology “Invented for life” we are securing our company’s lasting success. At the same time, we are contributing to protecting the natural environment for current and future generations.

Promoting sustainable cities

In 2017, Bosch addressed urban development and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11. The company was active in several areas, including mobility, building technology, and production. Read here more about the progress Bosch made in 2017.

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Bosch Instructor is sharing its knowledge to refugees.

How Bosch contributes to helping refugees

In autumn 2015, Thousands of people fled to Europe. Bosch supported the refugees from the very beginning, especially in Germany and Austria. Visit our German website in order to find out more about what happened on the occasion of its second anniversary.

Our strategy

For the Bosch Group, sustainability means securing the company’s long-term success while at the same time helping protect the environment for current and future generations. Against this backdrop, we consider addressing ecological issues an engine of innovation.

Areas of activity

In its quest to strike a balance between economic, ecological, and social concerns, Bosch focuses on four sustainability-related areas of activity.


With annual targets and systematic environmental management, we are reducing our consumption of resources and producing less waste at our locations around the world. When it comes to audits and the “Bosch Code of Business Conduct,” we also involve our suppliers.

Our target:


reduction of CO2 emissions (relative) by 2020 over 2007 levels


We continuously work on improving the material and energy efficiency of our products, and constantly invest in the research and development of sustainable products.

Did you know?


of group-wide research and development expenditure went toward sustainable products in 2017.

Product security

Bosch has defined processes to further improve the security of its products and services and to be able to react quickly. The Bosch Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) is the main point of contact for external security researchers, partners, and customers wishing to report security-related information about Bosch products. Anyone who has identified a potential vulnerability or security incident in a Bosch product or service can contact the Bosch PSIRT.


Bosch's Renningen research campus: working environment for researchers

We promote a corporate culture based on respect for associates. It allows them to reach their full potential regardless of their background, age, or gender. Our diversity initiative is an important pillar of our human resources policy. We also place a great deal of importance on occupational safety and health protection.


Our commitment to society is part of our sustainability strategy. Here, our activities focus mainly on education in regions close to our locations: from supporting up-and-coming scientists to the long-term support of educational projects in disadvantaged regions or neighborhoods.

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Bernhard Schwager
Head of sustainability office