The goals of our HR activities include constant training for our associates, keeping them on board for the long term and help them stay healthy.


Bosch supports a corporate culture that values all associates and enables them to reach their full potential.

At Bosch, we see the diversity of our workforce as an asset and decisive success factor. A number of studies have shown that mixed teams bring forth new approaches and unique ideas.
Our associates bring a broad range of skills and experience to the table: this fuels our innovative strength, and allows us to develop beneficial solutions for our customers and business partners around the world. What is more, our mixed teams have a sound understanding of our different customers and markets.

Diversity at Bosch is based on four pillars:

Bosch has set itself the aim of increasing the number of women in management positions to 20 percent by 2020.

Bosch promotes knowledge sharing in mixed teams and takes the needs of the different generations into account.

To actively promote cultural diversity, Bosch aims to strike a balance between the share of national and international executives.

Working Culture:
Bosch is committed to helping its associates achieve a healthy work/life balance.

In addition to this, Bosch sees to it that people with disabilities are provided a workstation that meets their needs. At the same time, the company promotes a culture of equal opportunity and acceptance for all associates, regardless of their sexual orientation. The Bosch corporate culture places a great deal of importance on valuing each individual associate's contribution to the company's success. For this reason, associates are encouraged to reach their full potential.
At the annual “Bosch Diversity Day”, the company invites its associates to actively challenge their own thought patterns in the spirit of promoting diversity.

Health Management

We go to great lengths to provide our associates with a healthy work environment. This includes promoting personal health.

Associates Bosch health management

As a result of demographic change, Bosch will be facing a number of challenges in the coming years. By 2030, the average age of the company’s associates is expected to rise significantly. At the same time, work processes will become faster and more complex. In addition to this, the number of people who are overweight or suffer from cardiovascular disease is set to increase around the world. Against this backdrop, Bosch began systematically expanding its corporate health management program several years ago. The aim is to maintain and promote associates’ health in the long term, and thus also their ability to perform.

To this end, Bosch has developed the “befit” program, which has already been launched at 70 locations in Germany. In addition to preventive medical check-ups, workplace evaluations, and sports and nutrition programs, associates can also take part in self-tests as well as seminars on how to handle physical and psychological stress. These seminars are based on scientific studies, as well as on the experience of company doctors, workplace designers, social workers, and fitness experts. The befit program has now also been adapted to the needs of Bosch associates in China and Spain.

Education and training

Bosch southern Europe apprenticeship initiative — combating youth unemployment.

Skilled and motivated associates shape the foundation of Bosch’s global success. This is why the company invests a great deal of time and money on human resources development. It offers everything from apprenticeships and cooperative education to targeted development programs for specialists and executives who wish to strengthen their individual skills or plan their next career move.

Thanks to systematic skills management, Bosch is aware of each individual associate’s training needs. Specialist knowledge and social skills are considered equally important. The company aims to offer each associate the same development opportunities, and thus applies standardized tools around the world. These include regular feedback and planning meetings as well as seminars and a corporate academy. Career planning at Bosch is also transparent and standardized: to work toward a management position, associates must bring specific qualifications to the table. In addition to specialist knowledge, HR managers also take management skills into account. These can be acquired, for instance, on a foreign assignment or during family leave.

For Bosch, associate development is a continuous process that requires a willingness for lifelong learning. In order to master future tasks, associates must maintain their skills and actively develop new ones — regardless of their functions, hierarchical levels, or locations within the Bosch Group.

Occupational safety

With its certified occupational safety system, Bosch ensures the safety of its development locations and manufacturing sites across the globe.

In 2007, we introduced a new occupational safety management system based on the globally recognized OHSAS 18001 standard. This new system is intended to simplify occupational safety and reduce the number of accidents at all our manufacturing sites and development locations around the world. One of the system’s main functions is to detect potential accident and health risks for associates in order to take appropriate preventive measures in good time. The system is implemented at all manufacturing sites. We are one of the forerunners in the global implementation of the OHSAS 18001 standard.