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Origify Product Authentication

Solution for product authentication

Explore Bosch’s innovation technology that is suitable for authentication among a wide range of industries.

A woman scans a sneaker with Bosch Origify and checks the authenticity of the product.

Bosch Origify

International trade of counterfeited and pirated products amounted to USD 464 Billion as per 2021 the OECD-EUIPO report. Different industries, consumer and industrial, as well as aftermarket and second-hand, are highly affected by sales losses and damages to their brand image. To protect their brand, manufacturers use different physical anti-counterfeiting technologies. Unfortunately, some can be copied or manipulated. While some products can be too small to mark, marks also get distorted due to high temperature processing or cleaning. Sometimes labeling the product can also negatively impact the design of it.

Bosch Origify takes a step forward to fight counterfeiting with its revolutionary solution. Just like our fingerprints, that might look similar but have completely different patterns, we at Bosch observed that products have their own fingerprint too. Bosch Origify product authentication uses fingerprint technology to optically capture the natural surface of a product. The technology recognizes and matches the surface patterns of an individual item and confirms if it is originally produced by the manufacturer, completely contactless and mark-free.

How it Works

Bosch Origify provides an authentication solution through a simple three-step verification process.

Step 1

Manufacturer registers each product with a camera desk device

Step 2

User scans product with camera desk device or smartphone application and gets real-time feedback on authenticity

Step 3

Brand gains field access and insights into possible illicit activities or counterfeiters

Advantages of Bosch Origify

Our solution surpasses the limitations of the existing physical safety measures and offers manufacturers a sustainable and secure authentication solution that provides effective end-to-end traceability.

Lets join hands to decrease counterfeiting by making your industry more secure and your products traceable.