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With quantum power into the future

Bosch Research announces partnership with IBM in quantum computing at Bosch Connected World 2022.

Berlin, Germany
Research tests on quantum technology at Bosch, in the laboratories at the Bosch Renningen site, Germany.

Quantum technologies are a key technology for Bosch and Bosch Research alike. At Bosch Connected World (BCW), Bosch announces a partnership with IBM in the field of quantum computing. The combination of Bosch software expertise with IBM hardware expertise, suggests promising results.

With research work on quantum technologies and algorithms, Bosch Research wants to contribute to harnessing the power of quanta in various areas to make people's lives easier, safer and more efficient — especially with regard to sustainability. For example, through even better material simulations for the development of the next generation of electric drives. Even the most powerful computers reach their limits when it comes to these tasks.

Compared to today's computers, quantum computers have groundbreaking potential. To replace 1,000 quantum bits (qubits for short) would require more classical bits than there are atoms in the universe.

The computing time of several weeks would be reduced to a few minutes. In its partnership with IBM, Bosch Research aims to develop quantum algorithms to help quantum computers to in future find application in diverse domains where even the largest amounts of data must be processed in the shortest possible time.

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