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Economy of Things

Economy of Things Research Updates

This news site explores the idea of an Economy of Things and presents the contributions of Bosch to the community.

economy of things

Combining strengths: Join the Economy of Things community

The Bosch Research team Economy of Things is committed to “Coopetition” – the interaction of “Collaboration” and “Competition”. This means cooperating with all stakeholders in the development and operation of digital platforms and marketplaces, but competing for specific products and services on these platforms.

Our Updates


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Nik Scharmann

Nik Scharmann

Project Director "Economy of Things"

Nik Scharmann has been leading Bosch’s research activities in the field of the Economy of Things since 2017.

Christian Heise

Christian Heise

Deputy Project Director "Economy of Things"

Since 2018 Christian Heise has been working as Deputy Project Director in the Economy of Things project on the topics of energy and mobility.