Letters are being arranged step by step. They are forming the word

Bosch annual report

The digital transformation is affecting markets and competitors alike. It is changing our lives. Bosch regards this transformation as an opportunity to shape the future. The effects of this can be felt throughout the company.

How Dr. Volkmar Denner views transformation

“For us, transformation means shaping the future. At Bosch, this is a path we will take together. In times of digital transformation, we will continue to be guided by our values.”

Dr. Volkmar Denner, chairman of the board of management

How the transformation adds up: the Bosch business year

Figures for Bosch sales revenue 2017: 78.1 billion euros
Fact Bosch EBIT in 2017: 4.9 billion euros
Number of associates worldwide: 402,000
Fact expenditure on research and development: 7.3 billion euros
Fact subsidiaries and regional companies: 440 in 60 countries


Annual report 2017, Bosch

Annual report 2017

Financial section, with management report and financial statements

Bosch today

Bosch today

Names, facts, and figures

How the digital transformation will improve our lives

More and more, our lives are becoming digitally connected. For Bosch, this offers both challenges and opportunities. Among these opportunities is the use of artificial intelligence to develop technologies for self-driving cars, or to create software that makes everything from factory work to household chores easier. Our new vacuum cleaners, for example, can be told what to clean by voice command. And as electrification gathers pace in automotive technology, we are working on solutions that will permanently change the way we get around.

At the same time, Bosch itself is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Many areas of business are set to change radically over the next ten years. The more challenging the business environment, the more important collaborative forms of work will become. The values we share at Bosch will help us achieve precisely that. This is the recipe for technology “Invented for life.” 

A question of perspective

GROW, the Bosch start-up platform, recently moved into an old factory building that has been given a facelift by artists. The building’s 5,000 square meters of floor space offers the start-up teams inspiration for future business models.

And a second glance at the walls on the inside of this storied building reveals aspects of the transformation at Bosch: 68 letters, three rolls of adhesive tape, and one camera combine to neatly sum up what successful transformation is all about – it’s all a question of the right perspective.