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Bake #LikeABosch

Preheat on the go

Bake like a Bosch

From the supermarket straight into the oven. With the Home Connect app, you can turn on and set the oven before you get home or find recipes and send the settings directly to the oven. The 4D hot air technology distributes heat across all levels, so you get the exact results on each level.

  1. Check the status of your oven whenever and wherever via the app.
  2. Control your oven on the go via the app or with voice control via Amazon Alexa.*
  3. Read recipes, tips and tricks in the app and save preparation settings for your favorites directly in the oven system.
  4. PerfectRoast for the optimal core temperature and PerfectBake for impeccably baked goods without cooking times or temperature settings.
  5. The 4D hot-air technology achieves constant results on each level thanks by distributing the heat over all four levels.

*Please check the availability of Amazon Alexa in your country on

Bake like a Bosch

The intelligent, all-rounder oven

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