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Cool #LikeABosch

Always know what’s in the fridge

Cool like a Bosch

A quick look in the fridge at home while you’re in the supermarket — the Home Connect app allows you to see what’s there whenever you please, directly on your smartphone. You can also find out how best to store your food or whether you’ve left the fridge door open.

  1. Two interior cameras ensure the perfect view, even when you’re not at home – so you’ll never buy double or forget something again.
  2. Receive push notifications if the fridge door isn’t closed properly.
  3. VitaFresh plus: keeps fresh food fresh for up to twice as long — extra-cold temperature for meat and fish, ideal humidity for fruit and veg.
  4. NoFrost: never have to defrost again thanks to perfect anti-frost protection.
  5. MultiAirflow system: Constant air circulation on all shelves — keeps food fresh for longer
Cool like a Bosch

Cooler cooling

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