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“Good ideas can happen anywhere”

Flexible work models

Modern way of work

Henrik Lucas-Melcher, project- and team manager at Bosch Engineering, talks about gains of mobile working and satisfaction thanks to a better work–life balance.

“Bosch has truly made flexible work arrangements part of its culture.”

Just another day on the job for Henrik Lucas-Melcher: after two hours of intense cycling, the project- and team manager at Bosch Engineering rolls onto the company grounds. It’s already noon. An experienced engineer and automotive technology specialist, Henrik calls himself “lucky” to be at a company where rigid hours are passé.

Lucas-Melcher working on recuperation solutions for hybrid vehicles
Henrik’s team takes a fully flexible approach to recuperation solutions for hybrid vehicles

“Sometimes in between two tasks, it can be incredibly helpful to just get out and ride my bike when I need to think about a new concept or project. In terms of innovation, it’s a great enabler.” Having the freedom to choose where and when he works has brought Henrik greater satisfaction and a sense of balance. “Bosch has truly made flexible work arrangements part of its culture,” he adds. “Engineering is my calling in life. Right now I’m fascinated by ‘boosters’ in hybrid vehicles which use recuperation to enhance battery performance. At Bosch, the focus is on results – and not on the various settings where they are developed.”

Henrik Lucas-Melcher


Henrik Lucas-Melcher, 38 years old, graduate engineer, studied mechanical engineering with a focus on automotive technology. Today he is a team manager at Bosch Engineering. Together with his colleagues, he works to advance the development of brake boosters for hybrid vehicles.

Downtime? Just relax


“Sitting around and waiting for input that you know will only come in the evening is counterproductive,” says Henrik Lucas-Melcher. “I prefer to use my afternoons for a swim and then continue my work on a project later on at home.” Meanwhile, mobile work has become second nature. “Having the option to work offline at the airport or in the train has made my life so much easier.”

Productive work has many facets

Flexible work models like those implemented in Henrik Lucas-Melcher’s team offer individual solutions for every associate – from fewer hours per week to days working from home and even job sharing. Both associates and executives have the freedom to create their own schedules for more control and a better work–life balance. Mobile work also makes it possible to perform many tasks on a set schedule, whether at home or on-site.

Diversity is our advantage: Henrik Lucas-Melcher

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Project Leader Henrik Lucas-Melcher talks about changing mindsets regard flexible working at Bosch and how globalization effects have an impact on the working culture at Bosch.

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