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Feel safe #LikeABosch

Keep an eye on everything

Feel safe like a Bosch

The Bosch Smart Home Eyes Outdoor Camera not only sees everything, but is also practically unnoticeable thanks to its simultaneous function as an outdoor light. In addition to full HD images, the system offers the option of using two-way communication through built-in speakers and a microphone at any time of the day.

  1. Keeps an eye on everything: delivers full HD color videos within a range of ten meters.
  2. Camera, light and two-way communication. With built-in speakers and a microphone for communicating with visitors.
  3. Thanks to intelligent sensors, the camera does not react to the movements of trees or pets and only records relevant information.
  4. Control the light via Alexa, stream live images directly onto the TV using a Fire TV stick or onto an Amazon Alexa device with a screen.
  5. Live views: constant access to all cameras via the app and share video recordings via email if necessary.
Feel safe like a Bosch

Bosch Smart Home Eyes: outdoor surveillance, lighting and intercom system

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