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For a better world

Sustainable change due to Bosch

No poverty, no hunger, sustainable cities: These are just three of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals the United Nations launched at the beginning of 2016. In respect of these goals, Bosch continuously contributes to advancing sustainable change, for instance with the following three projects.

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Modern plant protection: “Marta”

High-tech for green patients

One of the many ways in which Bosch is supporting SDG 2 — the fight against hunger around the world — is the “Marta” project in cooperation with the University of Hohenheim and the company Cubert Partner. The abbreviation stands for smart spraying and resource-efficient plant protection: with the help of a spectral camera, Marta detects disease on leaves at an early stage, as leaves reflect light strongly in the event of illness. If a diseased plant is detected, it can then be treated locally. This makes it possible to reduce the use of pesticides, as local treatment makes spraying the entire field unnecessary. Researchers hope that plants will be able to treat themselves in the future – to the benefit of both farmers and the environment.

An eScooter trip through Hanoi

More than half of the world population currently lives in cities, and a growing number of people are moving to urban areas. In many cases, this leads to congested streets, a lack of parking spots, and a rise in emissions. However, a growing number of city dwellers prefer to live without their own car. Together with its partners, Bosch is working on solutions that will make city traffic cleaner, safer, and more comfortable in the long term. In Vietnam, for instance, the company has begun offering a free eScooter sharing system at three universities since November 2016. Students developed the system over the course of the “Green Challenge” competition, which Bosch organized in cooperation with the universities.

eScooter sharing systems at universities in Hanoi
eScooter in Hanoi

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A night on the street with the homeless

Bosch Australia associates are fighting poverty

Bosch associates have been committed to fighting poverty for many years already. In Australia, almost every Bosch associate actively supported the St. Vincent de Paul Society in its efforts to help the homeless in Melbourne. In total, Bosch Australia donated 45,000 dollars to the charity. The “Sleep Out” also comprised part of the initiative: for one night, Bosch associates slept on the street, among them Gavin Smith, the President of Bosch Australia. The aim was to raise public awareness about homelessness and attract more supporters to the cause. For 2017, Bosch Australia plans to donate 50,000 Australian dollars for the homeless.


Bosch is committed to the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 und supports its 17 Sustainable Development Goals with innovative projects.

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