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Mow the lawn #LikeABosch

Laid-back lawn care

We see a man standing in the garden next to his robotic lawnmower.

Even smarter, even more convenient: The Bosch Indego S+ robotic lawnmower. With Indego S+ and the Bosch Smart Gardening app, you have everything you need to manage your lawn remotely, either via the app or through voice control using Amazon Alexa.

  1. Thanks to “LogiCut” navigation system, Indego mows in systematic lanes, making it significantly faster than comparable competitor models and kinder to the battery.
  2. “Alexa, mow the lawn with Indego!” — The Indego S+ can be enabled for voice control. Users can easily start, stop or send Indego S+ to the docking station using cloud-based Amazon Alexa.
  3. With the “SmartMowing” feature, Indego S+ is the only robotic lawnmower that uses a combination of your garden size, the local weather conditions and your personal preferences, to autonomously take care of your lawn.
  4. The Indego S+ works quietly. With a noise level of just 63 dB, Indego S+ is no louder than an indoor conversation.
  5. More than half of all the gardens in Europe have multiple areas of lawn. In order to maintain the grass in separated garden areas with a single tool, the “MultiArea” function is avaliable.
A Bosch robotic lawnmower drives across the lawn.

The Indego S+ — smarter than ever before

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