Park like a Bosch

Park #LikeABosch

The automated parking functions by Bosch

3 minutes

Parking stress was yesterday — now, the automated parking functions take care of it for you. They navigate your car to your parking space, identify obstacles and brake or dodge them, all fully automatically and at the single touch of a button.

  1. Independently manage approaches of up to 100 m.
  2. Identify obstacles, safely dodge them and brake whenever necessary.
  3. Learn to park after one single demonstration.
  4. With the park pilot functions, parking procedure does not need to be monitored.
  5. Functions can be activated and controlled at the simple touch of a button.

The Internet of Things presents — Park #LikeABosch

Park like a Bosch

Parking made easy – with the home zone parking functions

Save time by automated parking in the daily drive to your own parking space

The garage parking functions

Make parking into narrow parking spaces smooth, comfortable and easy – the garage parking functions

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