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A safe haven for truckers

Secure truck parking makes work easier for truckers

A cheerful trucker at the wheel

When their working day comes to an end, truckers are exhausted. The last thing they need then is the stress of finding a safe parking space. Bosch secure truck parking is a service solution that gives truckers rest periods that are worthy of the name.

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Bosch Secure Truck Parking

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The lure of the open road? An outdated romantic notion. The image of the trucker’s life has lost a lot of its sheen. Working conditions are one reason for this. At the end of a long day, truckers often have to try several lots before they can find somewhere to park. The result is frustration and fatigue, but also excessive fuel consumption and more greenhouse gases. It can even mean hazards on German roads, since in the worst case, drivers will park illegally, away from parking lots, putting both themselves and other road users in danger.

Several trucks parked in a row at a truck stop


too few secure truck parking spaces exist along German freeways, according to current estimates

Using CCTV images to monitor trucks at a truck stop
More security: cameras ensure better monitoring of truck cargo

Bosch Service Solutions has already come up with a lot of ideas for truck security, from the tracking and monitoring of freight and vehicles in control centers to monitoring the temperature of perishable goods. Its latest offering, Bosch secure truck parking, reduces truck drivers’ job-related risks in several ways. It not only makes finding a parking space child’s play, but also deters thieves from pilfering the freight. To quote Jan-Philipp Weers, the project director: “Up to now, services have only intervened when something happens. But our new solution is designed to stop incidents happening in the first place.”

How secure truck parking works

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“We’re just like a hotel booking portal. Our customers are the drivers and dispatchers, our hotels are the truck stops, and our beds are the secure parking spaces.”
Project director Jan-Philipp Weers

The system also opens up new fields of business for companies that have large parking lots for their staff. “At night, the lots can be opened up for truckers,” Weers says. Bosch has already put this into practice on the Automotive Aftermarket division’s staff parking lot in Karlsruhe, Germany, which is next to the A5 freeway. As part of a pilot project, selected freight companies are being offered the opportunity to park there.

Truck drives on to a CCTV-monitored parking lot
Pilot project: a truck drives on to the Bosch Automotive Aftermarket division’s staff parking lot in Kalrsruhe, Germany

Truckers: living dangerously (data for the European Union)

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Bosch technology makes truckers’ working lives more secure. Secure truck parking cuts out the tiresome search for somewhere to park, and helps deter thieves.

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