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#Sensorchestra: Live Gig at Bosch ConnectedWorld 2016

DJ playing at Bosch ConnectedWorld 2016

Innovation set the tone of the Bosch ConnectedWorld 2016 Event. The visitors could not only experience all the new trends of connectivity, they could also listen to them. With the Sensorchestra our DJ got the crowd dancing — the sounds were made with Bosch-Products.

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The #Sensorchestra is back with new Sounds and a DJ


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Can you hear the connections?

Without sensors, there would be no Internet of Things (IoT). By enabling communication between appliances, devices, cars and more, tiny sensors synchronize the world, simply connecting it for the better. As more and more objects join in, a harmonious symphony results: the SENSORCHESTRA presented by Bosch. A surprising, delightful experience that makes the power and potential of connectivity audible to people worldwide.

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