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Connected Car

Intelligent Car and its Sound of Mobility

The Connected Car from the top.

Now Sensorchestra is one member richer. A cutting-edge vehicle fitted with a range of sensor-based innovations enhances the driving experience. On a musical level, its dings and rings create textures of sound that embrace you, transporting you onward into the future.

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The Sounds of the connected car

#SENSORCHESTRA - Introducing the Connected Car
Inside of the Connected Car with steering wheel.

Intelligent Driver Assistant

By tracking things like markers on the road and the distance between cars, sensors from Bosch help keep car travel in harmony. The apex of the experience: automated driving.

Control panel of the connected with with Smart Home connection.

Life Assistant

Imagine tackling tasks at home — from the comfort of your car. Like a personal assistant with super powers, the Connected Car links to your Smart Home, helping you tick off your to-do list.

Control panel of the connected with with screens and office tools.

Work Environment with advanced car technology

A phone conference and you’re stuck in traffic? Colleagues need your feedback pronto? Working on the go is simpler in the Connected Car. Thanks to the innovative touchscreen that keeps you fully tuned in.

The making-of: Witness how the Connected Car joined the SENSORCHESTRA

#SENSORCHESTRA - The Connected Car: Behind the scenes.

Can you hear the connections?

Without sensors, there would be no Internet of Things (IoT). By enabling communication between appliances, devices, cars and more, tiny sensors synchronize the world, simply connecting it for the better. As more and more objects join in, a harmonious symphony results: the SENSORCHESTRA presented by Bosch. A surprising, delightful experience that makes the power and potential of connectivity audible to people worldwide.

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