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Our Smart Home Sound System #Sensorchestra

All products of the Bosch Sensorchestra in a row

How does connectvity sound? Experience the first gig of our Sensorchestra and enter the dancefloor to the sounds of our Smart Home products.

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Smart Home Products creating sounds


Watch how sounds of Bosch products are captured.

It was absolutely fascinating to discover the music these connected devices can make.
SENSORCHESTRA sound engineer
Dishwasher with microphone

Capturing Sounds

Can Bosch appliances really make music? Yes they can.

During our stint in Berlin we used high-precision classical recording microphones to capture every sound the SENSORCHESTRA created. So the fine nuances of each whirr, click and buzz were recorded using traditional techniques but in the unusual acoustic setting of an industrial space.

Laptop and hand on a sound controller.

Editing Sounds

A total of 117 high-quality sound samples resulted from just 8 Bosch products, including a smoke detector, a washer, and an oven. There was also a natural reverberation created in the warehouse that we used as a musical component, complementing the appliances’ sounds and resulting in exceptional music.

The making-of: Witness the formation of the SENSORCHESTRA


Can you hear the connections?

Without sensors, there would be no Internet of Things (IoT). By enabling communication between appliances, devices, cars and more, tiny sensors synchronize the world, simply connecting it for the better. As more and more objects join in, a harmonious symphony results: the SENSORCHESTRA presented by Bosch. A surprising, delightful experience that makes the power and potential of connectivity audible to people worldwide.

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