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Shawn Presents: the Bosch Smart Home

Living safely #LikeABosch

Shawn dances in front of a smart home which keeps burglars at bay through connected devices from Bosch Smart Home.

The Bosch Smart Home is not only more enjoyable to live in, it is also a safer place to be. Connected devices keep burglars at bay and make it possible to monitor the happenings in your home even when you aren’t there. Shawn, our IoT hero, takes us on a tour of the smart house.

Living safely #LikeABosch

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Unfortunately, many neighborhoods experience home break-ins on a regular basis. The thought of an intruder rummaging through his favorite polo shirts or thieves stealing his belongings is unbearable for Shawn.

That’s why he plays it safe. He has installed several Bosch Smart Home solutions. They protect his home and make his life more relaxed.

A home that knows how to defend itself

Most residential burglaries are crimes of opportunity: The criminals target residences whose occupants appear to not be at home. The Bosch smart home throws a wrench in the works for these crooks: For example, the presence simulation feature makes it look like someone is at home – even when no one is there. The lights are preprogrammed to automatically turn on and the shutters to come down in the evening. And if Shawn’s not at home, he can also conveniently activate the service from his smartphone. To make the simulation look as realistic as possible, the service also varies the daily activation times using a random algorithm. If shady characters stake out the house over the course of several days or weeks, they will get the impression that Shawn is at home. The deception works so well that even the police recommend presence simulation systems.

Keeping everything in view

Users of Bosch Smart Home products not only have more control over their own home, but they can also monitor their entire property. Shawn wants to know just exactly how this works and does a field test. He knows that in 50 percent of all cases, burglars sneak through the backyard entering the house through the patio door. But Shawn does not get very far, because the Eyes outdoor camera quickly detects him. The camera detects and captures suspicious movements on video and informs the occupants by messaging their smartphones. The app also transmits the camera’s live feed, allowing Shawn to marvel at himself in his backyard. Now let’s suppose that a neighbor or package deliverer, and not Shawn, has triggered the system. Shawn can then talk to whoever is there from his smartphone, because the camera has built-in speakers and a microphone.

Shawn stands in front of a smart home and looks at his smartphone. In the background one can see the connected Eyes outdoor camera from Bosch.

Smart devices raise the alarm

Shawn is standing in the living room and is covering his ears. The smart home has just sounded the alarm, red alarm light illuminates the room.

Many burglars enter houses through the window — which they will soon regret in a home guarded by Bosch Smart Home products: Attempted break-ins are detected by connected devices, which then raise the alarm together. For example, Shawn has barely opened the patio door when a deafening ringing noise sounds. The door/window contacts and the motion detectors have detected him as an intruder. The sirens of all smoke alarms in the house start to sound and the smart Philips Hue lights light up the rooms with a flashing red light. The racket alerts neighbors and gives intruders cause to flee. At the same time, the Bosch Smart Home system messages the smartphones of the home’s occupants. They can use the app to call the police or fire department.

“We can feel safe even when we are not at home with Bosch Smart Home products, thanks to intelligently connected products.”

Everything under control, remotely

Sometimes, you might want to take a peek into your own home while on the go. For example, if you have the feeling that you forgot to close a window or turn off the stove. Sometimes you might simply want to check whether the children have come home from school or whether someone for whom you are caring is doing well. The 360-degree indoor camera makes it child’s play to remotely check in on your home and give you some peace of mind.

Shawn starts the live feed via the app, and then he can look around with the freely swivel-mounted lens. Not even the dark poses a problem thanks to infrared imaging. But the camera also raises the alarm itself: If it detects suspicious movements and/or noises, it points its lens to the appropriate spot and sends a video clip to Shawn’s smartphone. However, if he is at home, the camera retracts its lens and stops recording.

Shawn looks at his smartphone, on which he can see himself in the live video stream of a 360-degree indoor camera.
Shawn looks out the doorway onto the street.
Shawn is standing on the driveway to a smart home looking at his smartphone.
Shawn is standing excitedly in a hallway because the smart home sounds the alarm. Red alarm light illuminates the scene.

By the end of the tour, Shawn has had enough of playing the burglar. It would be too stressful for him to live such a life. The connected devices from Bosch Smart Home have shown that they detect threats early on and offer real added value in everyday life. Shawn does not need to worry about privacy either. As a user, he is always in control and can be certain that the solutions meet the highest data security standards. It’s a breeze to install and set up the products using the app. No tools or wiring is required. It took Shawn just half an hour to get the system up and running.

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