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A meeting of pioneers

Bosch presents innovations at Slush, the rock star of start-up events.

A huge Slush event hall with a big audience and a colorful illuminated stage.

Slush stands for fire columns and brainwaves, speeches and meetings, in a concert-like atmosphere. The event for start-ups, companies, and investors will take place from November 30 to December 1 in Helsinki. Bosch will have its own booth and will present innovations from the areas of AI, IoT, and VR.

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Bosch @ Slush 2017: The highlights

Bosch @ Slush 2017

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Around 17,500 participants are expected at this year’s Slush. As in the last years, technophile start-ups, digital pioneers, and visionary companies from Europe, Asia, and North America will convene again this year. Top speakers such as Al Gore and Cal Henderson will talk about current technologies and how they can be used to change the planet sustainably. Apart from the four speaker’s platforms, investor meetings and workshops will enable participants to get to know each other and exchange ideas. Bosch will be there for the first time, presenting innovations under its motto, “Simply. Connected.” at booth number 6D.3.

Visit us at Slush 2017 at booth number 6D.3.
An eye of a man gets examined with a Bosch Eye Care Solution device.

Algorithms against blindness

One of the things Bosch will show at their stand is how artificial intelligence can contribute to maintaining good health. Bosch’s Eye Care Solution is a handy device for eye examinations. With the help of teachable algorithms, it detects disease symptoms which could lead to blindness, enabling the disease to be treated in time. Particularly in regions with a poor medical infrastructure, this mobile solution helps to save many people’s eyesight.

The image contains of different screenshots of a simulation software. It shows a parking car from different angles.

Virtual test drive

ITK is a cross-sector solution developer and technology supplier to Bosch. Among other things, the subsidiary company offers software which tests driver assistance functions at the computer. Environmental conditions and sensor behavior are simulated in a realistic way. The software enables virtual test drives and sensor fusions to be carried out at an early stage of development, which reduces the number of actual test drives and saves money.

The picture shows the XDK with its rectangular silver colored case.

IoT made easy

With Bosch’s Cross Domain Development Kit (XDK), developers can quickly and easily link their machines and prototypes up to the Internet of Things (IoT). The XDK is a fully integrated hardware and software development platform with eight internal sensor parameters — ranging from gyroscopes to thermometers. The device is remotely controlled and data is retrieved via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The XDK reduces the development time and cost of IoT projects.

17,500 participants are expected to attend Slush this year.

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