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Smart Home

Smart Home comforts

The image shows a family in their backyard.

Is an oven able to suggest recipes? Can a radiator talk to the windows? Our international Twitter survey reveals that many people still underestimate what a smart home can do. Sandra and Jérôme found out for themselves when they installed some of the latest Bosch products. Step inside!

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More family time

The image shows results of the Bosch Twitter survey about smart homes.

Smart home applications make everyday life easier and leave more time for the things that really matter.

Did you know?

A woman uses a wall mounted white switch before leaving a house.
Universal switch | This convenient switch puts different Smart Home functions right at your fingertips.
A wireless portable control unit in the size of a regular light switch lies on a bedside table.
Flex universal switch | This wireless portable control unit lets you run your Smart Home system from anywhere in your house — without needing a smartphone.
A wall mounted swicht in the size of a conventional light switch.
Flush-mounted light control | existing light switches can be easily retrofitted to enable lighting to be controlled as part of Bosch’s smart home system.
The image shows the Twinguard.
Twinguard | The smart smoke detector monitors air quality, temperature, and humidity.
The image shows the Bosch Outdoor HD Camera.
Smart outdoor HD camera Eyes | Combines illumination, motion sensors, and intercom systems.
The image shows an Bosch indoor camera with 360° surround view.
Indoor cameras with surround view | Helps you to monitor your home from anywhere around the globe.
The image shows a Bosch smart oven.
Smart ovens | Can select the optimal cooking times and temperatures for you.
The image shows a Bosch smart coffee maker.
Coffee makers | Discover recipes online and send them to your machine.

Easy to integrate

Thanks to the simplicity of Bosch smart home solutions, Sandra and Jerome can adjust the lighting in their home with the tap of a finger. The flush-mounted light control turns exiting light switches into smart solutions that can be integrated seamlessly into the smart home system and operated effortlessly. Existing light switches simply need to be retrofitted with the appropriate adapters and installed by a professional. The home’s occupants can then control lighting manually or via smartphone and tablet – whichever they prefer.

A conventional light switch in white colour that is mounted to a wall inside of a house.

More security for the privacy of your home

The image shows more results of the Bosch Twitter survey about smart homes.

A smart home provides peace of mind through greater security and comfort at home.

Smart benefits

In the Twitter survey, Bosch also asked users which factors convinced them the most of the benefits of investing in a Smart Home. The majority stated that saving energy and making their homes more secure were their biggest priorities.

The image shows Bosch smart home features.

Intelligent control

The picture shows a smart Bosch thermostat.

The connected door/window contacts help Sandra and Jérôme to do both. The contacts are connected to the thermostat on the radiator, so when the window is opened, the radiator is turned down or off, thus reducing the family’s energy consumption. Jérôme has also connected the contacts to smoke alarms and lighting to set up a fully functional alarm system. Windows that are forced open will trigger the alarm.

Focus on privacy

The image shows additional results of the Bosch Twitter survey about smart homes.

The protection of people’s privacy and the security of personal data are key aspects in a smart home.

Simple and effective

Privacy and data protection are non-negotiable at home. With Bosch Smart Home products, Sandra and Jérôme can decide where their data is stored – locally or in the cloud. And they can rest assured, knowing that all devices are fully encrypted and regularly updated with the latest software. Sandra was also surprised at how fast and easy the installation was. “I was a bit skeptical at first, because there was so much technology. I really thought it would take ages, but it was actually super fast,” she said.

The image shows the smart Bosch indoor camera.

Everything under control, even when nobody is at home

The image shows more results of the Bosch Twitter survey about smart homes.

Always know what’s going on at home — whether at the office, while shopping, or on vacation.

Trust is good, control is better — from everywhere

The picture shows the remote control of a Bosch smart home with a cellphone.

Sandra is not the only one who has nagging doubts about properly closed windows and doors when she’s out of the house. Amongst those surveyed by Bosch, many female respondents expressed their wish to be able to check on aspects of their home when they’ve left in a rush, are out shopping, or on vacation. Sandra is able to banish those doubts by quickly checking with the Bosch Smart Home app: all windows are closed. She doesn’t need to worry about unexpected rain showers.


More than 230 million homes will be connected by 2020. Bosch conducted a Twitter survey to ask people what they know about smart home solutions. It turns out smart homes can do more than many respondents thought possible.

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