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Update #LikeABosch with SOTA

Transform your industrial assets with Software Over The Air

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Smartness is in the air: With our SOTA solutions you can easily connect, manage, and update your industrial assets over the air. Efficiently and securely via the IoT. Are you (al)ready for the future?

  1. Manual maintenance efforts for your industrial assets? Reduced to a minimum. Enjoy. Leverage. Use it to extend your lead in the market — for you as a manufacturer or an operator.
  2. Make your customers happy by rolling out new functionalities for best use. Prolonging your products’ life cycle can be joy — and is definitely sustainability in action.
  3. Numbers, please? More than 15 million assets are already connected and updated with the Bosch IoT platform today. For globally delivering updates to your assets in the field it’s good to know you are relying on proven technology.
  4. You are ready for today — what about the future? No matter what the scale of your device scenario — you are well set with Bosch.IO and Bosch Rexroth, as lead suppliers, at the same time being lead users. For devices from small microcontrollers up to powerful platforms.
  5. Security issues at your assets in the field need your highest attention. With the OTA solutions of Bosch.IO and Bosch Rexroth you reliably address them — quickly and conveniently. So you can sleep well at night.

SOTA — Manufacture #LikeABosch

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Integrated OTA solutions of Bosch.IO and Bosch Rexroth are end-to-end, consisting of sensors and the connectivity control unit to the cloud application — smartness is in the air.

Animated mobile working machine in front of futuristic city with connectivity icon and text “Controlling & Connecting Mobile Machines”

Transforming Mobile Machines with Telematics IoT Solutions and BODAS Connect

Are you looking for an integrated solution optimized for construction machinery & agricultural machinery? Go for Bosch Rexroth.

Excavator operator looks at tablet with software update

15 million assets connected today. Transforming your industrial assets with Bosch.IO

Bring your own Connectivity Control Unit (CCU), from small microcontrollers to powerful platforms. Go for your SOTA solution with Bosch.IO.

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