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Wake up #LikeABosch

A coffee machine that knows exactly what you want

Wake up like a Bosch

Start the morning off on the right foot with your favorite coffee. Choose one of several coffee specialities from around the world in the Home Connect app, position your mug and your coffee machine will do the rest.

  1. Coffee playlist: simplifies the preparation of several different coffees via the pre-order function on the Home Connect app.
  2. CoffeeWorld: access to international coffee specialties via the Home Connect app.
  3. MyCoffee: save your personal favorite in the Home Connect app and have it made for you whenever you please.
  4. SensoFlow system: maximum aroma thanks to optimal, constant brewing temperature.
  5. AutoMilk Clean: a fully automatic steam cleaning process after every beverage.

The Internet of Things presents — Wake up #LikeABosch

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Wake up like a Bosch

Coffee just the way you like it

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