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Laundry gets a new spin

WeWash connects washing machines and dryers with their users

Young man in front of a wall of washing machines

Sharing washing machines and dryers can mean wasted time and frayed nerves. Based on their personal experience, Philip Laukart and Rafael Kirschner, former BSH Hausgeräte associates, decided a solution was needed. Their idea rapidly led to WeWash, BSH’s first innovation spin-off.

machine sharing: that’s how WeWash works

In a sharing economy, people share cars, swap apartments, and lend each other tools. Why not share washing machines and dryers, too? Thanks to WeWash, sharing washing machines and dryers becomes attractive for everyone involved. Users of shared laundry rooms no longer need to discuss and fight over who is next in line to wash or dry their clothes. Push notifications and a virtual queue take care of all of that and help save valuable time.

washing machine in comic style

The number of German households without a washing machine has increased over the last years

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The reasons for this are more practical than idealistic: living space is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, especially in cities. Every trip to the laundry room becomes a game of chance: Is there even a machine available? Is my load done yet? Do I have enough change or washing tokens on me?

WeWash, an innovation spin-off of BSH Hausgeräte, revolutionises the way we do our laundry. The former BSH associates, Philip Laukart and Rafael Kirschner had the idea of connecting machines and users. Since the start of WeWash in 2016 a lot has changed. Now, a team of over 20 people ensures that communal washing is attractive for everyone involved. With over 60,000 users WeWash currently has over 3,000 installations in countries such as Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and England.

Founders of WeWash: Rafael Kirschner and Philip Laukart
Founders of WeWash (from left to right): Rafael Kirschner and Philip Laukart

How washing machine sharing works

To use WeWash, no high-tech devices are required. Already existing shared washing machines and dryers – no matter the age or brand – can be digitalised by equipping them with a WeWash Box which can be easily installed between the machine and its power source. In fact, the laundry room doesn't even need an internet connection. Payment is digital and cashless. Bad news for pickpockets, but good news for building managers – and quite a few new customer groups, ranging from operators of micro-apartments and student housing all the way to hotel groups and campsite operators.

The WeWash Box
The WeWash Box is the only hardware needed to use WeWash
  • The WeWash app on a smartphone
    The WeWash app


WeWash, an innovative spin-off from BSH Hausgeräte, connects washing machines and dryers with their users. Using WeWash does not require a high-tech appliance but only the WeWash Box, which makes the technology additionally attractive for users as well as operators of shared laundry rooms.

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