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The Nexeed Production Performance Manager is the systematic and sustainable tool to optimize production
Hannover Messe 2018

Systematic Production Improvement

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Shorter reaction times, fewer errors, and clearly assigned tasks — the Nexeed Production Performance Manager is the systematic and sustainable tool to optimize production. The software acquires and harmonizes data from a wide variety of shopfloor sources almost in real time, and forwards it in processed state to the employees.

Everything under control

The Nexeed Production Performance Manager offers a complete overview, both of the current state of individual machines and the complete production system.

The Nexeed Production Performance Manager shows the current state of production in the plant. The software offers a complete overview, both of the current state of individual machines and the complete production system. The simple control configuration allows maintenance personnel to be proactive in their maintenance tasks with as little downtime as possible. Product quality can also be improved due to continuous monitoring and logging of process data.

Good connections

The Nexeed Production Performance Manager operates as a stand-alone solution, but thanks to its open Industry 4.0 standard, it can also be combined with other solutions.

The software tool operates as a stand-alone solution, but thanks to its open interfaces, it can also be combined with other solutions, for example as an extension within Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). In addition, customers benefit from the existing and continuously growing eco-system and the open Industry 4.0 standard Production Performance Management Protocol (PPMP) — for simple and rapid machine integration.

Increased competitiveness

The software solution acquires, visualizes, and forwards all data along the added-value chain to employees as defined events. Advantages at a glance:

Greater availability

Up to 15 percent greater machine availability by predictive maintenance


Higher production output

Five to ten percent higher production output thanks to reduced rejects


Full transparency

Machine and process data available live at all times

hardware copy 5


Employees can add expert knowledge even without any IT knowledge

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Flexible and safe

Maximum flexibility and safety for future applications thanks to modern software architecture, documented interfaces, and open standard

What the software does

The Nexeed Production Performance Manager consists of a module, scalable system that is fully tailored to the customer's applications.

Condition monitoring

Continuous condition monitoring for maximum transparency

Live process data analysis

Production errors and process deviations reduced to a minimum

Predictive maintenance

By configurable rules, automated messages, and task assignment

Flexible Industry 4.0 all-purpose tool

For customized applications in the plant

OSRAM Ticket Manager app for employees

Bosch has networked more than 80 different machines of varying ages for the OSRAM Lighting Group in Berlin. This plant for xenon vehicle lamps now has an "OSRAM Ticket Manager". With this technology, the company supports its employees on the path toward flexible, networked production.
The core technology is the Nexeed Production Performance Manager which "translates" machine data from a variety of formats into a common language

and processes it into useful information. Using an app, employees can now stay informed about the status of their systems at all times. Pending tasks, such as maintenance work, or deliveries of materials are displayed, organized, and evaluated in easy-to-understand form and assigned to an employee with the appropriate qualification.

“Together with Bosch, we were able to develop a custom version with the OSRAM Ticket Manager to match the specific needs of our employees and processes.”

Dr. Frank Sroka, Industry 4.0 Production, OSRAM

Successful Industry 4.0 partners: Bosch & OSRAM

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