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Economy of Things


Who does Bosch work with in the context of an Economy of Things? In which alliances is Bosch Research a member?

economy of things

Decentralized identity network launched

28.08.2020 | Partnership/alliances

The “SSI for Germany” consortium aims to build an open ecosystem for identity management in Europe.
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The consortium for the project “Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) for Germany”, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, has established a decentralized identity network and will use this network to implement a wide variety of use cases over the coming months. The consortium is an association of public and private institutions that have set themselves the goal of building an open ecosystem for identity management in Europe. Among the partners is the team of the strategic advance engineering project “Economy of Things” (EoT) of Bosch Research, as one of the most important building blocks for an “Economy of Things” are digital identities – not only for individuals, but also for organizations and autonomously operating devices.


Nik Scharmann

Nik Scharmann

Project Director "Economy of Things"

Nik Scharmann has been leading Bosch’s research activities in the field of the Economy of Things since 2017.

Christian Heise

Christian Heise

Deputy Project Director "Economy of Things"

Since 2018 Christian Heise has been working as Deputy Project Director in the Economy of Things project on the topics of energy and mobility.