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Healthcare solutions

Innovative healthcare solutions for a better quality of life

Future of healthcare solutions

The vital role of research

Bosch Research plays a vital role for creating products and services that improve peoples’ health and quality of life. Extending the reach of Bosch core competencies is a focused approach to generate real impact in the future of healthcare. We see so many opportunities to contribute to this important field, not only in our main application field where we develop fully automated point of care laboratory diagnostics solutions, but also with IoT solutions for preventive healthcare or with building solutions for the hospital of the future. Our aim is to present fascinating technical solutions that reduce cost and prevent illnesses.

fact 1 healthcare
Source: Eurostat (online data codes: hlth_sha11_hf, demo_gind and nama_10_gdp)
fact 2 healthcare
Source: WHO

Impact with expertise

Bosch successes with sensors, microtechnologies and miniaturization, automation, connectivity, Big Data and AI offer a solid foundation for innovative healthcare solutions, such as connected medical devices. In addition to our global research projects, we’ve created strong partnerships, externally as well as with Bosch Healthcare Solutions and the Robert Bosch Hospital (RBK), that equip us to deliver real innovation. Keeping a pulse on the latest in biotechnologies is just one way that Bosch anticipates areas where we can make an impact.

Global healthcare needs

Need for healthcare varies between the world’s nations. In developed countries with high income, we see increasing rates of age-related diseases like cancer or dementia. Resistance to antibiotics is of growing concern. Treatment is trending towards personalized healthcare. Cancer, for example, can be diagnosed earlier and more precisely. That opens the ability to design individualized treatments rather than using standardized ones. The result is better patient outcomes. Highly automated solutions for precise and sensitive in-vitro diagnostics at the Point of Care (PoC) can identify the patients who truly benefit from specific treatments and spare patients from less targeted treatment approaches.

In emerging countries, the access to physicians remains an unsolved problem while chronic diseases like diabetes and asthma play a greater role as the middle class grows significantly. One-minute-clinics are an example of an innovative solution with promise. Patients visit these one-minute-clinics instead of seeing a physician. AI-based algorithms evaluate symptoms. In harmless scenarios, a standard drug could be prescribed. Alternatively, the patient can be sent to a specialist. If one-minute-clinics prove to be effective in the long term, demand will grow for fast sample-to-result PoC tests in such a setting.

In future Bosch Healthcare Solutions will be leading provider of point-of-care diagnostic solutions and preferred supplier for connected medical devices.

Fields with Synergy

Healthcare is on the precipice of transformation due to changes in demography, exploding costs for care and technical innovation driven by digitalization and big data. The global Corona pandemic adds an urgency to the matter, demonstrating the need for fast PoC tests or contact tracing apps as complements to mere social distancing.

Bosch analyzed megatrends and the future of healthcare, identifying opportunities to make a difference. Six fields with synergies to Bosch core competencies were identified: Personalized Medicine, Physiological Enhancement or Substitute, Health Self-Management, Surgery 4.0, Ambient Assisted Living and Big Data. For each of these fields, sub-topics have been evaluated and prioritized. Now, our intentions to contribute have clear paths ahead.

In many of the healthcare fields, bringing manufacturing expertise and a broad technology portfolio to the table means visionary solutions can be successfully industrialized. Solutions like theranostic devices, which would combine diagnosis and therapy into a single connected medical device.

Healthcare Solutions core competencies
Bosch core competencies are a solid foundation for innovations in the field of healthcare.

Vivalytic and Vivatmo

Bosch Research works on the technological expansion of Vivalytic, a universal platform for molecular diagnostics with fully automated testing capabilities. While Vivalytic is already available on the market, we continuously develop new functions that make the difference for patients. One special example is the new rapid coronavirus test that provides a reliable result in 39 minutes. This test is predestined for decentralized use in mobile test centers at freeway service stations or in airports.

Vivalytic research

Rapid coronavirus test: Results in 39 minutes, a sensitivity of 98 percent and a specificity of 100 percent.

Bosch press release of September 2020

Vivalytic and Vivatmo

Vivalytic research

Vivatmo is another success story for Bosch. This unique device measures the FeNO value, an inflammatory asthma marker in exhaled breath, in just seconds. Scientific studies have shown that regular FeNO measurement helps to control the progression of the disease.

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Applying Bosch core competencies to generate real impact in the future of healthcare will generate products and services that improve peoples’ health and quality of life. Bosch successes with sensors, microtechnologies and miniaturization, automation, connectivity, Big Data and AI offer a solid foundation for innovative healthcare solutions.

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