Two motorcycles on a coastal road in the sunshine equiped with Bosch technology

Bosch motorcycle systems — Award-winning comfort and safety

Enhanced safety and more infotainment for powered two-wheelers was Bosch’s formula for success at the CES 2017 Innovation Awards.

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The CES 2017 Innovation Awards judges honored Bosch’s motorcycle systems with a total of four awards. This includes the rider information system, known as the Integrated connectivity cluster, which combines all the motorcycle’s instrumentation on a single display.

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Innovative display adapts to driving situations

The innovative display for motorcycles automatically adapts the display to current usage.

The rider information system, known as the Integrated connectivity cluster, combines all the motorcycle’s instrumentation on a single display and makes it possible for riders to use their smartphone. The advantage of this is that the system automatically adapts the display to current usage. That means the rider is only shown the information needed at that particular moment. This in turn reduces distraction, thus enhancing safety. At high speed all display information elements are gradually hidden with the exception of the speed indicator and warning notifications. The display is easy to read in all weather conditions. Even in direct sunlight, the colors are distinct and the contrast is very high; in the dark the display does not blind the rider — plus it withstands rain.

Bosch rider information system wins #CES2017 Innovation Award

Easy access to smartphone functions

The display is showing incoming calls.

Choosing music or answering calls — all essential smartphone functions can be used with the handlebar remote control during the ride without ever having to touch the device directly. After interconnecting the system once it connects immediately via Bluetooth to the smartphone and helmet headset.

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