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Do the dishes #LikeABosch

The dishwasher that keeps you on top of everything

Do the dishes like a Bosch

With the Home Connect app, you’ll always know what your dishwasher is up to. For perfect results, the smart dishwasher with Easy Start function helps to find the optimal wash cycle for your dishes.

  1. Easy Start helps you to find the optimal wash cycle for your dishwasher.
  2. The tab counter in the Home Connect app monitors tablet consumption and sends a push notification to notify you when there are only five remaining.
  3. Atmospheric light with adjustable color: with the LED color selector, simply choose your desired color via the Home Connect app and let your dishes shine in a new light.
  4. PerfectDry with Zeolith®: perfect drying with 3D airflow, even for plastic dishes.
  5. Silence and SuperSilence programs – noticeably quiet at 42 dB.
Do the dishes like a Bosch

The dishwasher that’s always up-to-date

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