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Sensor tech #LikeABosch

With many small and smart sensors for big effects.

A man, a woman and a young girl are standing in front of a house on the lawn with a cool pose. Next to them are various Bosch products.

Small in size, yet so significant: smart sensors from Bosch — one of the market leaders in MEMS sensor solutions. These tiny helpers, developed and produced in our own factories, enable numerous devices and products to better sense the world around them. This makes them indispensable for highly complex areas such as automotive technology, the Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0. But they have also long made their way into our everyday lives: Every second new smartphone contains Bosch sensors for display rotation, orientation in virtual reality applications, and navigation. In robotic lawnmowers, they ensure precise mowing results. In eBikes, they help riders brake in a controlled manner on all surfaces. And in smartwatches, they work closely with artificial intelligence to detect even the smallest movement — for more precise fitness tracking. For all these reasons, our smart sensors are naturally used in all our smart products. However, numerous well-known manufacturers around the world also rely on sensor power from Bosch. For the same reason: to make life more enjoyable, easier, and safer. That’s Sensor tech #LikeABosch!

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