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Roxxter: Five ways vacuuming just became more fun

Robot vacuum Roxxter as well as a father with his daughter in a kitchen.

The Roxxter robot vacuum is revolutionizing household chores.

#1 Roxxter saves a lot of time

Roxxter is cleaning the floor.

Statistically speaking, the average German spends 40 hours a year vacuuming — an arduous chore, and a very time-consuming one at that. Roxxter cuts this time down to nearly nothing by doing the job itself. For those who own such a robot, this frees up a significant chunk of time.

#2 Roxxter is a self-starter

This smart robot vacuum is fully autonomous. It can be programmed to do the vacuuming when nobody else is around. What also sets it apart are its long battery life and powerful performance. The compact device can memorize three different floorplans — which it uses to independently

navigate its surroundings and systematically clean the rooms of a dwelling, whether a sprawling apartment or a multi-level home. The only help it needs is with steps.

40 hours

is how much time can be saved by the Roxxter vacuum robot each year — time that can be spent on more important and enjoyable things.

#3 Roxxter gets the job done right

Thanks to Roxxter’s regular deep cleaning, the home is always spotless. The robot works effortlessly, vacuuming thoroughly and systematically until all the dust, fluff, and dirt are gone. It even returns independently to its

docking station when its battery runs out. There are no cables for people to stumble over. It features a bagless design, and its dirt chamber can quickly and easily be detached and emptied.

A dog looks into Roxxter's camera. This image is transferred to a user's tablet.
Roxxter perceives its surroundings via its Roxxter-Cam — and thus recognizes every “obstacle”

#4 Roxxter’s laser is its eye on the world

This vacuum cleaner can do more than just vacuum. One of its technological highlights, as well as an extra feature that goes far beyond simple cleaning, is the Roxxter-Cam, or R-Cam for short. If the user wants, the R-Cam will stream a live video of the robot’s location in full HD to a smartphone or tablet, showing exactly where in the apartment Roxxter is at any given time. This

function can also be used to instruct the robot to go to a specific room to check whether the window is closed, for instance. This is a useful additional capability — especially for people who travel a lot. Roxxter comes in two versions, one with a camera and one without.

#5 Roxxter likes Alexa

Thanks to Roxxter, housework has never been so exciting. Like many other smart household assistants, including washing machines, ovens, fridges, dishwashers, and coffee machines, the vacuum robot can be controlled using the Home Connect app. Or it can simply be told what to do using Alexa’s voice control. “Alexa, ask Roxxter to clean the living room!” The smart home is already reality, and Roxxter is the newest member of the family.

Amazon Echo — Alexa Voice Service


Vacuum cleaning has never been so pleasant — and taken up so little time. Our smart robot vacuum Roxxter saves some 40 hours a year — a plus point for anyone who has better things to do.

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