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Frank Appel

Committed to zero-emissions logistics by the year 2050

In dialogue wih the CEO of Deutsche Post DHL Group

Frank Appel in front of a blue wallpaper on which one can see different mobility themes.


Frank Appel wants to modernize Deutsche Post DHL Group from top to bottom. One of his ambitious goals is an emissions-free logistics service.

Climate-friendly delivery

Frank Appel is convinced that Deutsche Post DHL Group, the German postal service and global logistics provider, will reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero by 2050. He also knows how it can be achieved: “We need new technology, but we also need a strong demand. I am sure engineers will be smart enough to deliver accordingly.” As for DHL Appel already sees a huge need. He is now looking for manufacturers that can support the goal “and whoever is first, will win.”

Frank Appelt stands in front of a StreetScooter and explains something.

The best example: As no automotive manufacturer was interested in developing a suitable electro vehicle for Deutsche Post DHL Group the logistics company decided to go it alone. It resulted in the StreetScooter, a real success story which has turned the company into one of the leading manufacturers of e-transporters. More than 5,500 of the fully electrically-driven vehicles are already on the road in Germany. According to Appel, an annual production of around 20,000 StreetScooters is planned mid-term.

“Consumers want convenient products that do not harm our planet. As forerunner in climate-efficient green logistics, we fulfill that need by offering new city logistics solutions for clean pick-up and delivery.”
Frank Appel

Buying online enabled by Deutsche Post DHL Group

Appel sees e-commerce as being a fundamental way to reduce emissions. He argues that the more one buys online, the less one has to go out on the roads in one’s own vehicle. Traffic congestion is subsequently reduced, says Appel.

It comes across as a very bold statement. To illustrate his theory, Frank Appel makes an interesting calculation: He compares the carbon footprint of a parcel to emissions resulting from individual offline shopping. The result: A consumer may only drive his or her car three and a half miles to go shopping — a distance that is normally nowhere near sufficient.

The future potential of the postal service

Appel also occasionally buys offline in shops, food for example. For him, however, there is no product that cannot be purchased online. The whole world is proverbially at the customers’ finger tips in the internet. According to Appel, globalization in general has a positive effect as many people are living in better conditions than ever before. That is the reason why we have a more peaceful planet than in the past.

An interview with Frank Appel, CEO of Deutsche Post AG

Experts@IoT: Dr. Frank Appel, CEO Deutsche Post DHL

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Frank Appel

Frank Appel

CEO Deutsche Post DHL Group

We will find new solutions to create even more efficient and effective logistics.

A doctor of neurobiology, the manager has been CEO of Deutsche Post DHL Group since 2008. After growing up in Hamburg, Appel initially studied chemistry in Munich graduating in 1989 before going on to gain a PhD in neurobiology in Zürich in 1993.


Deutsche Post DHL Group CEO Frank Appel is committed to emission-free logistics and wants to stimulate demand for carbon-efficient technologies. For him, e-commerce and the bundling of the means of transport are key levers to get there.

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