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Shape your workday with Smart Work

At Bosch, many things are possible: whether we work remotely or in the office is decided together as a team and with the supervisor.
Work #LikeABosch

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Smart Work: Finding the right spot for you at Bosch

A global company — many ways to work. The Smart Work concept enables you to organize your workday and your work location in the way you deem best and in a flexible manner through the use of modern technology. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown: teamwork can also be successful virtually. We are building on that, and keep strengthening a new culture of collaboration and leadership with Smart Work. We are guided by the following principles:

Smart Work in everyday life:
Finding the right balance at Bosch

Outstanding performance, effective collaboration, and personal development also thrive in a hybrid working environment. In order to prepare our associates and managers for a hybrid working environment, Bosch has set up the SmartWorkshop — an internal guide that shows the way. We have not developed a fixed concept that applies to everyone. Instead, we empower the teams to develope their Smart Work approach.

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With Smart Work, teams at Bosch have the flexibility to decide how to best combine office and remote working to match their tasks and the needs of the business.

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How we work flexibly at Bosch with Smart Work

Find out from Bosch associates around the world how they live Smart Work in practice.

That’s why we promote Smart Work

We work in a highly dynamic business field — and that has an impact on our day-to-day work. Globalization, climate change, new forms of mobility, the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing digital transformation are important examples of this. We adapt to current events by having a flexible working culture.

According to various studies, employees are often more productive when working remotely. Daily use of virtual communication tools increases digital know-how and drives digital transformation.

By avoiding the commute, we are not only protecting the environment, but also strengthening a healthy work-life balance. Employees are more satisfied when they spend more time with family, friends and hobbies, and this in turn has a positive effect on work results.

Working creatively, exchanging ideas, joint problem solving: Often such tasks work even better in face-to-face contact with other employees. The office is the central meeting place and hub for innovation. Virtual collaboration also benefits from such personal exchanges. Regular face-to-face meetings in the office will therefore continue.

Whether we work in the office or remotely: for us, both are equally valid forms of work. We benefit from the team spirit that is fostered by personal contact in the office, and from employees who are able to improve the balance of their professional and private lives while working in a home office.

Making a positive contribution to the future

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With Smart Work, we are contributing to a sustainable world. By increasing working from home, tons of greenhouse gases can be saved. Bosch also supports sustainable forms of mobility for the commute to the office.

By taking advantage of working remotely, we have been able to reduce our business travel. Over the past few years, we have learned just how well virtual meetings work. We use the latest digital tools to share and exchange ideas with each other — and in doing so we’ve had very positive experiences with Microsoft Teams.

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