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Your growth and development

Let‘s grow together. Grow into countless roles, positions and opportunities. Work #LikeABosch

A group of diverse associates are sitting in a room. The focus lies on one woman facing the camera over their shoulder. A college jacket is hanging over the back of her chair with an imprint which says "lifelong learning - Bosch".

At Bosch, you will evolve.

We have spent more than 130 years to shape new markets and technology. Just as we have learnt to change, grow & create, so can you — because development knows no boundaries.

We‘re interested in developing the ‘whole’ you, not just the ‘9-5’ you, because life is all about balance. There’s plenty of support for your professional and personal development during work hours and a vast range of free and company-funded training courses available to everybody. In our Bosch Training Centre there’s an ‘A,B,C’ of industry-leading training options for all employees, from “Artificial Intelligence” and “Brainstorming” to “Cooperation”. Learning anytime, anywhere is supported with our free licences for online courses from world-renowned institutions. And the cherry on top: if necessary, we also offer financial support for you and your family’s formal education.

Our corporate university is where you can learn about the future technologies, the innovative practices and the leadership skills that will help you evolve and find your place at Bosch. You’ll learn in a practical, professional, academic setting from experts all over the Bosch world and the wider industry. These could take the form of management programs to Master’s degrees, national and international seminars, conferences and evening presentations plus forums for international knowledge transfer — but each one is focussed on you and your own journey of discovery.

Our business is global, so we need a confident, global, outward-looking team. We’ve been successfully sending employees around the world for over 100 years with full-service support - for you and your family. We make sure that you and your family are well prepared with ‘look and see’ trips, language study and intercultural training. When you touch down in a new country we‘ll be right by your side; offering personal support, onboarding and local mentoring. There‘s even help with the timely planning of your repatriation, and reintegration support when you return home.

A company with a past, a job with a future.

We can only shape tomorrow by building on our shared history. In 1886 Robert Bosch founded the "Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering" in Stuttgart. This ignited our global organisation. We were shaped by innovation and social commitment from the start. We continue to reinvent and remodel our business, but those foundation stones remain.

At Bosch, you will find your place

One global company, many ways of working, and areas to explore. Whether you want global corporate culture or start-up spirit, beanbags or boardrooms, formal or flexi. Whether an upward or lateral move — we’ll be by your side.

What drives us to do our best

Find out how it feels to be part of us and what it means to grow together.

Grow with Bosch — At a glance

Well-established employer with experience and history

Numerous training possibilities

Develop future competencies

Multiple careers within one company

International assignments and collaboration

Professional talent development

A diverse group is holding scarves with the inscription “Join the Team” in the air and is pointing to an empty office chair.

Work #LikeABosch — Apply now

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