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Full circle with Bosch

Solutions for carbon neutrality

Explore Bosch’s wide range of solutions and services for carbon neutrality


Bosch Climate Solutions

Be guided by a team of experts on your way to become carbon neutral. Bosch is producing carbon neutral since 2020 in over 400 locations worldwide. With this experience and industry know how our team supports you on your individual journey to a carbon neutral company.

Your path to CO₂ neutrality with Bosch

  • Audit & Master Plan (4weeks)
    This is the first phase of your CO₂ neutral journey (4 weeks). We analyze your current CO₂ footprint, identify potentials, and develop scenarios. You get options to reach CO₂ neutrality including cost indication.
  • Reduction Concept (3 months)
    This is the second phase of your CO₂ neutral journey (3 months). We will create your specific climate protection plan and a detailed plan over lever actions and related cost.
  • Implementation Phase (Individual time frame)
    In the last phase of your CO₂ neutral journey we realize your climate protection plan, operate it, and optimize it continuously.

We are Excellent!
Our first phase “Audit & Masterplan” has been awarded by TÜV and designated as an audited calculation method.

TÜV certificate for the audit- and masterplan
Aerial view of plant Blaichach
Blaichach — one of over 400 Bosch locations that will be climate neutral by 2020.

CO₂ neutrality based on 4 levers

We support you on the way to become CO₂ neutral. Therefore, our specialists define your individual target based on the 4 levers.

  • Icon and text "Increase energy efficiency"
  • Icon and text "Use new clean power"
  • Icon and text "Buy green energy"
  • Icon and text "Offset CO2 emissions"

Why Bosch Climate Solutions

Climate expertise

With > 1,000 employees we did it at Bosch and in different global industries.

Global competency

We know how to handle local regulations, taxes and procedures around the world.

Proven acceleration

A decade of Bosch experience speeds up your project.

Sustainable credibility

Bosch will be the first major international industrial company to be CO₂ neutral, globally, in 2020.

Sector expertise

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services and is divided into four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. With this broad-based knowledge, we offer you a wide range of expertise in different areas.

  • Icons for Mobility Solutions und Industrial Technology
  • Icons for Consumer Goods and Energy and Builduing Technology
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Let’s tackle this challenge together!

Pictures of Lisa Unkelhäußer and Philipp Günther

Lisa Unkelhäußer
Head of Sales Bosch Climate Solutions
Telephone +49 711 811 7363

Philipp Günther
Head of Consulting Bosch Climate Solutions
Telephone +49 162 7928640

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Bosch: Solutions for carbon neutrality

Full circle with Bosch