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Innovative ideas for better health

Then and now: How Bosch improves people's quality of life with technology “Invented for life”

Doctor explains to the patient how the Bosch Solution works.

From the very beginning, the aspect of healthcare has been an important part of Bosch's work. Even founder Robert Bosch was strongly committed to alleviating need. Today, Bosch continues to research and work on innovative healthcare solutions for a better quality of life.

Commitment for better health

During his lifetime, company founder Robert Bosch used the financial basis of his profitable business for his mission, which was “apart from the alleviation of all kinds of hardship, to promote the moral, physical, and intellectual development of the people.” Robert Bosch had the wish from an early age to support a homeopathic hospital and in 1915, he founded the “Stuttgarter Homöopathisches Krankenhaus GmbH” with various homeopathic associations. However, the first world war and its repercussions prevented its construction. Instead, Bosch offered the use of his newly completed “Bosch Light Plant” in Feuerbach as an emergency field hospital. It would be two years after it was completed before the plant was actually used for manufacturing Bosch products.

An external view of the Robert Bosch Hospital (1961).
“It is inherent to the nature of medicine that its greatest concern is to cure the suffering and, where this is not possible, to alleviate their pain.”
Robert Bosch, 1941

High-tech to improve quality of life

A Bosch researcher with pipette and test tube

Today, Bosch plays a vital role in creating products and services that improve people's health and quality of life. Today, the successes with sensors, microtechnologies and miniaturization, automation, connectivity, Big Data and AI offer a solid foundation for innovative healthcare solutions.

Currently, the best example of how innovative Bosch technology can improve health and well-being is the coronavirus PCR test on the Bosch Vivalytic testing device. The Vivalytic SARS-CoV-2 PCR rapid test now delivers results even more quickly: laboratories, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, and hospitals can evaluate five samples simultaneously in 39 minutes — technology literally “Invented for life.”

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