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Bosch opens first health center

Opening event health center abstatt outside

As the Abstatt location continues to grow, the innovative strength of its associates is not the only priority: their health is also being emphasized. Bosch has spent 75 million euros on three new buildings that will house, among other things, a health center with a training facility and bouldering wall. The aim is to promote associate health.

A comprehensive health program

Health Center Abstatt inside

The health center combines several services for preventive healthcare: it houses the social counselling offices, corporate medical services, physiotherapy, health management services, and a large training facility.

By putting all these services under one roof, Bosch has enabled interdisciplinary cooperation between healthcare functions, thus offering its associates a comprehensive package of preventive healthcare services. Corporate medical services and a physiotherapist can treat acute ailments. In turn, social counselling services help associates cope with psychological problems. With strength training and classes, associates can improve their physical fitness. Professional trainers can also develop individual training programs if needed. In addition to this, there are many classes on offer, from training for a strong back and yoga, to Pilates and spinning.

Some 1,100 associates have already signed up for fitness training and classes. “The new health center has made our location much more attractive," says Stephanie van Jakubowski, the head of occupational safety and environmental protection at the Chassis Systems and Control division. Her colleague Andrea Brosi from the HR department adds: “By making my sports program part of my working day, I save time. And the hour of yoga in the morning balances out the hours I spend sitting at my desk very well.”

Health center at the Abstatt location
Opening Ceremony of the health center at the Abstatt location with Christoph Kübel, Member of the Board of Management and Director of Industrial Relations (center)

Four questions for...

Interview with Andrea Pfeiffer, company doctor at the Abstatt location

Ms Pfeiffer, what should a modern corporate health management program offer?

Corporate health management includes everything from treating acute conditions and rehabilitation to prevention. Illness is always informed by several factors, meaning that personal, professional, and psychological factors can have a negative impact on a person’s health. For this reason, the health center offers associates a broad range of services that include social counselling, corporate medical services, physiotherapy, the Bosch company health insurance plan, and a large training facility. With all these services under one roof, associates have quick access to healthcare and fast solutions. They also get timely appointments and we can treat their health issue in a holistic manner.

Holistic – what does that mean exactly?

Associates come to the health center with a health-related question. We examine the issue from a physical, psychological, and social perspective, and then treat it in a targeted manner. If an associate comes to corporate medical services with back pain, for instance, we can provide immediate treatment with physiotherapy. In the long term, strength training at the training facility makes sense. It’s important that we enable people to take responsibility for their health and well-being. Back pain is usually a sign of other, possibly psychosomatic problems. The associate may be suffering from personal problems that have an impact on their back and thus cause them pain. In such cases, I can refer them directly to social counselling services or psychosomatic consultation.

In so doing, you are also addressing mental health. How advanced is Bosch in addressing mental health issues, which have long been stigmatized?

At Bosch, we are very advanced in this regard. As occupational health laws have been revised in Germany, we have recognized a broad range of health risks and made mental health an integral part of our corporate occupational health program. As a result, our senior executives must now take training seminars that sensitize them to mental health issues. What is more, we have introduced several prevention programs with the German state pension fund. In the future, we also want to expand our cooperation with hospitals and add psychosomatic counselling to our portfolio of services. Thanks to our excellent internal and external networks, we can already offer our associates targeted support at an early stage.

You developed the center in cooperation with associates. What exactly was your approach?

We conducted associate interviews at an early stage to find out what they wanted and get their ideas. The bouldering wall is one of the wishes that we were able to fulfill. Until now, the feedback we have received about our training offer has been very positive. Between the beginning of September 2018 and the end of the year, 1,100 associates registered.

Flexible work for a healthier life

The new offer supports associates in their day-to-day work. They can receive treatment based on their needs, or select training programs and classes according to their personal preferences. Associates working at the health center offer lasting solutions for any problem. “Since I spend most of my time at work, I am often very tense. At the new health center, I can get targeted advice and a training plan that is tailored to my needs,” says Stephanie van Jakubowski.

The work environment at the Abstatt location also reflects the demands of a digital, flexible working world. Some of the offices are already designed based on the principles of “Inspiring Working Conditions”, and offer a very modern work environment that includes everything from creative spaces and lounges to height-adjustable desks.

520 square meters

of training space


square meters of total surface area

5,250 Bosch associates

can benefit from the new center at the Abstatt location


At the new health center in Abstatt, associates have quick access to a comprehensive range of services. With this concept, the Abstatt location is breaking new ground in the Bosch Group. In the future, this center will serve as a role model for other locations.

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