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Inspiring people

At its core, our work at Bosch has always been about inspiring people. Our innovations and technologies make new things possible every day. They show that there’s no limit to what human beings can achieve when they put their heart into it. At the same time, this work would not be possible without bold dreamers, ambitious inventors and ingenious enthusiasts — people who were inspired to do the extraordinary and in the process became an inspiration to others.

In this series, we celebrate some exceptional makers and doers from the Bosch community. Learn their personal stories, find out what drives them — and get inspired to follow your own dreams.

Brian Tan — Craftsman for love

Brian Tan’s life completely changed when his daughter was born with Down syndrome. She became an inspiration to him. When he couldn’t find suitable toys for her in the Philippines, he decided to build them himself.

Craftsman Brian Tan, his wife and daughter are lying under a wooden structure. They are laughing and reading a children's book.
Craftsman Brian Tan smiles at the camera.

My daughter started all of this. Because of her special needs, we came up with building things for her development.

Brian Tan

Hu Gang — Pioneer of everyday life

Hu Gang is a truck driver in China, fulfilling his childhood dream. What makes it more special is that his vehicle is equipped with a hydrogen drive system from Bosch.

The truck driver Hu Gang, a man with an athletic build wearing a black t-shirt, sunglasses, and gloves, is sitting on the loading area of his truck. A mountain can be seen in the background.
The truck driver Hu Gang smiles at the camera.

This job is like a journey. I travel around and enjoy the scenery through the vehicle window.

Hu Gang

Mary Houlihan — Baking from the heart

Mary Houlihan found a passion twelve years ago that gives her great satisfaction, and brings happiness and joy to many people. She creates spectacular celebration cakes for her customers, in addition to her work as an Account Manager at Bosch.

A blonde woman, Mary Houlihan, pours flour into a food processor.
A blonde woman, Mary Houlihan, smiles at the camera.

The groom said, ‘My wedding cake dream has come true!’

Mary Houlihan

Önder Pelvan — Passionate helper

Önder Pelvan has a very special hobby. As a member of the Bosch Search and Rescue Team in Bursa, Türkiye, he saves lives in the event of a disaster, in addition to his other work. “Being able to help people feeds your soul,” he said.

Önder Pelvan stands with his arms folded in a gear room. Shelves full of helmets, boxes and blankets can be seen in the background.
Önder Pelvan

I’m not a Superman, I don’t have a cape.

Önder Pelvan

Samarjit Das — Innovative Space Explorer

Samarjit Das has fulfilled his childhood dream: exploring the universe using artificial intelligence (AI). Now he’s using this dream to help children with respiratory diseases.

A man stands in his garden at night and looks through a telescope.
Samarjit Das smiles at the camera.

Sometimes, I look at the night sky and I say to myself: Something you helped build is up there, right now. That’s a great feeling.

Samarjit Das

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