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“Global markets demand diversity”

Achille Atisso

Achille Atisso talking with a colleague

From Togo via Germany to South Korea

For his work, primarily it is not important that Achilles Atisso was born 4700 km away from Stuttgart. Nevertheless, his cultural as well as functional background is important for Bosch. Achilles was born in Togo, lived in Germany for more than 15 years and is now working in South Korea. In various positions and functional areas, he has already gathered experiences and knowledge.

Diverse backgrounds, like Achilles, are essential for Bosch. New valuable ideas and innovative approaches are created by different impressions and personal beliefs and values.

Especially in regard of the global market, in which Bosch operates, it is crucial. Diversity is key to serve a global market successfully and to maintain our strong position.

Diversity is our advantage: Achille Atisso

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Project Sales Manager Achille Atisso shares his thoughts about the advantages of working with different functions, divisions and hierarchies and how Bosch can benefit from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Involving a lot of people from different corners of the world make us extend our ways of seeing the world.

Achille Atisso, Project Sales Manager at Bosch

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