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Heat smart #LikeABosch

EasyControl — smart heating control for the perfect climate

Heat smart like a Bosch

Whether the living room, bedroom or children’s room, with the intelligent control, you can customize and set the heating in each room via the app. What’s more, the heating is only activated when necessary.

  1. Simple energy saving through time programmes and self-learning function.
  2. Retrofit older heating systems with EasyControl and create a smart network.
  3. Simple installation and operation via app. Control also possible with touchscreen directly on the control.
  4. Simply fascinating: slim design with glass touchscreen and ambient light.
  5. Customized temperature settings for every room.

The Internet of Things presents – Heat smart #LikeABosch

The Internet of Things presents – Heat smart #LikeABosch
Heat smart like a Bosch

Smart heating with EasyControl

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