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How to build reliable distributed systems?

Bosch Research Blog | Post by Arne Hamann, 2021-07-28

Arne Hamann talks about Reliable Distributed Systems.

Bosch has a strong expertise and a longstanding history in building Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) where safety, security, and real-time capability are key. However, the embedded technologies used in the past decades to build Bosch CPS products have become an obstacle when it comes to building modern distributed applications such as in the domains of Infrastructure-assisted Automated Driving or the Factory of the Future. Modern, more flexible IT technologies are needed to efficiently and cost-effectively build those distributed applications. However, these were not designed to build reliable and safety-critical systems. The question we are therefore working on at Bosch Research is "How can we enhance modern IT technologies with the virtues of the embedded world to build reliable distributed systems?"

Bosch Research Blog / Reliable Distributed Systems

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Author: Arne Hamann

Arne is Chief Expert for "Distributed Intelligent Systems" at Bosch Research. Like the Bosch product portfolio, his research interests are broad: They encompass Cyber Physical Systems, where the interaction between physical processes, hardware and software plays a major role, through to distributed IoT systems with elements of (edge) cloud computing. He obtained his PhD in Computer Science in 2008 from the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany. In the academic context, he is member of the editorial board of the ACM journal “Transactions on Cyber Physical Systems”, and regularly serves as program committee member for international conferences such as ECRTS, RTSS, RTAS, DAC, EMSOFT, and ICCPS.

Arne Hamann

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