Trustworthy computing

Trustworthy computing – data sovereignty while connected

Jointly use data without sharing it – a vision born in the early 80s after Andrew C. Yao published his seminal work on Protocols for Secure Computations– is approaching reality thanks to major advances in cryptography. Our research on trustworthy computing aims to lift this technology into the cloud and provide Bosch customers with new levels of data security and privacy.

Trustworthy computing

Data sovereignty in a connected world

Data connectivity has spawned an economy of services, the next generation of which will require data sovereignty, or the ability to restrict access to data, even as it is transmitted or processed by other parties.

Bosch has committed itself to high ethical standards when handling its customers’ data. In our research on trustworthy computing, we strive to complement these ethical guidelines – called the Bosch IoT Principles – with technology built to live up to these standards. At the heart of that venture is the belief that people should be able to exert control over the data they own and that this ability, called data sovereignty, is a key enabler for future Bosch business in a connected data-driven world.

Synergy with Bosch

Meeting future business needs calls for a platform that makes a complicated technology accessible for users. To get there, researchers and engineers from our operational units join forces to build practical solutions. Our globally diversified product and service portfolio allows us to work on a variety of data-sovereign variants of applications already in our customers’ hands – predicting harvest volumes without disclosing corporate secrets to a service provider, saving costs by simplifying compliance to data protection regulations, or training neural networks without revealing valuable training data – to name just a few.

More than 50% of consumers

have security and privacy concerns regarding the Internet of Things

Cryptography on an industrial scale

These breakthroughs rely on end-to-end data protection that keeps data safe from unauthorized access throughout the whole data life cycle – in transit, at rest and in use. The underlying cryptographic techniques are called secure multiparty computation and homomorphic encryption. Both have a long history in the academic world, but until recently their limited efficiency has prevented industrial adoption.

Today, performance is no longer the major inhibitor for real-world use. For that reason, our research at the intersection of cryptography and distributed systems focuses on removing other industrialization barriers to enable truly usable, scalable, and dependable solutions that are ready for prime time in highly demanding application domains such as automotive.


The Bosch IoT Principles enshrine our commitment to high ethical standards where our customers’ data is concerned. Data sovereignty is a key tool to living up to this standard while offering cutting-edge, data-driven solutions that are competitive in a connected world.

Trustworthy computing

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