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Achieving worldwide impact by reducing water withdrawal

The picture shows a lake on the side of a settlement of houses. The lake as an elongated shape, the left bank of the lake goes inward so that the lake is not completely round.

Water is the basis of all life. Bosch uses this valuable resource in many processes and since water is precious, we consider it our responsibility to protect it. Central objective of the Bosch water management is achieving timely and noticeable results. It is also the reason for focusing on sites in regions with limited water supply.

“A total of 61 Bosch locations are located in regions with an increased risk of water scarcity — this is where we intend to take systematic action.”
Andreas Siegle, water expert at Bosch

Identifying Hotspots

Picture shows a grey world map. Blue circles in different sizes are drawn on the map.

Bosch analyzed its sites using the WWF’s Water Risk Filter. The result shows that 61 sites are located in areas with the severest or severe water scarcity risk. Our goal is to reduce our water withdrawal at this 61 sites by 25% until 2025. This way, we can quickly achieve significant improvements in regions where water is a particularly valuable resource. To support the corresponding measures, an annual budget of ten million euros is available until 2025.

61 sites reduce their water withdrawal by 25% until 2025 with an annual total budget of 10 million Euros — by the end of 2019, we had already achieved a reduction of 11.5 percent.

Three levers to conserve water

Bosch needs water for cooling systems, sanitary facilities, and as part of technical processes. In water-stressed regions, we already use recycled water whenever possible. That means that water is reused several times in the cycle. We will further expand this measure. In addition, we focus on process improvements and the use of rainwater in order to further reduce water withdrawal at our locations.

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Improve processes so that less water is needed

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Improve circulation to reuse the water consumed

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Use rainwater instead of fresh water

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